Roofing Services We Offer In Edinburgh And Fife

Stone/wall repair services in edinburgh, dalkeith, trinity, morningside

Cement/Lime/Mortar Work

At D.Turner and sons we cover all types of cement/lime/mortar work, Stone Restoration, Wall Repairs, Lime Pointing, Chimney Repairs, For lime rendering we use lithomex. Lithomex is an absorptive Lime-based mortar that comes in many different colors to match the stone, Lithomex is supplied by masons mortar.

painting services painter edinburgh and fife, dalkeith, trinity, morningside

General Painting Works

At D.Turner & Sons we undertake all painting works. And take great care in this aspect of the trade to stand back and look at a job well done is something we take pride in. You can visit our facebook page to see more of our painting jobs.


why choose us we are citb registered and members of the fmb roofing in edinburgh and dalkeith


gutter cleaning services in edinburgh and fife, dalkeith, trinity, morningside roofer

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Gutter works is something we do a lot of it may be the gutter just needs a good clean, what a difference our customers notice when we have simply cleared any debris in the gutters. Leaking gutters can cause problems in other parts of the building, if ignored, problems which can be avoided if they are cleaned and maintained regularly.


chimney repair edinburgh and fife dalkeith and morningside chimney re-harl roofers edinburgh

Chimney Works

Nowadays a lot of chimneys are obsolete, these chimneys soak up water and attract masonry bees, Masonry bees are on the increase, they burrow into the old mortar turning it into sand which weakens the structure of a chimney leaving it with very little support, this can be very dangerous especially in Scottish weather.


single ply flat roofing and felt flat roofing in edinburgh and fife, trinity

Single Ply/Felt Flat Roofing

Most felt flat roofs have a guarantee of 10 years while most single ply roofs usually last round about 25 years although this method is more expensive single ply is surely more versatile. a lot of flat roofing problems whether it be single ply or felt have come from the roof being laid improperly, always be sure to choose an honest firm like ourselves.


slate and tile repair in edinburgh, dalkeith, morningside and trinity

Slate Repairs

We carry out slate/tile repairs on all roofs, something as little as a broken slate/tile can cause major leaks in your roof and can also be dangerous. Broken slates/tiles should be repaired/replaced immediately to avoid further damage of your roof. D.Turner & Sons will provide photographs and videos of works done to let our customers see whats going on.


exterior paint protection roofer edinburgh and trinity

Exterior Paint Protection

For exterior paint protection we use a masonry paint called sandtex, sandtex is waterproof , breathable, dirt resistant and extra durable. Sandtex themselves guarantee this paint to protect your home for at least 15 years. the paint comes in many different colors to suit your needs.


roof maintenance in edinburgh and trinity scheme

Roof Maintenance Scheme

We also offer a roof maintenance scheme which includes two yearly roof inspections (Before and after winter), Free emergency callouts, Repair of up to 12 Slates/Tiles, all Rhones and gutters will be cleaned in addition a 10% discount is offered to any of our customers that are covered by our roof maintenance scheme on major works.


all roofing work in edinburgh and fife undertaken also- dalkeith, trinity, morningside

All Aspects Of Roofing/Building Work

Here at D.Turner & sons we undertake all aspects of roofing and building works whether commercial or private works, Strip and re-slate, strip and re-tile, gutter works, flat roofing, stone works, lime rendering, exterior and interior renovation, exterior (weather proofing) and many more call us now for a free estimate.


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